What Nuba Survival Foundation Is For?

Nuba Survival Foundation (NSF) is an impartial and an independent non-for-profit making organisation registered in United Kingdom with Charity Commission in January 2001 and the registration number is 1088398. The organisation is managed by a group of Sudanese people from the Nuba Mountains who have well established records of achievement with Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad and International Nuba Coordination Centre based in UK. NSF is currently governed by a board of Trustees composed of four members including the Director.


 Nuba Survival Foundation has been primarily focusing on the plight of the Nuba people, a society that has been engulfed in the conflict that has characterised the Sudan for nearly three decades. It is for that reason the organisation was established in January 2001 with a prime objective to elevate the suffering of the Nuba people from the effect of this long civil war that has affected every sphere of life in the Nuba Mountains region which is situated in the geographical centre of the Sudan and covers an area of about 30,000 square miles, roughly the size of Scotland and occupied by the indigenous Nuba people whose number is over two millions.


Because of the long civil war in the region many Nuba people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were made displaced by the government armed forces and systematic bombing of the area. This also coupled with the isolation and the blockade of humanitarian assistance to the Nuba Mountains region until today and that made the Nuba suffering condition became catastrophic.  In addition frequent famines and other natural disasters; such as the flood of 2000 had caused humanitarian crisis in the entire region. Education, health services, water supplies, economic, social development and road infrastructures were severely affected.


In the light of this horrific situation which our people in the Nuba Mountains are undergoing, we the Nuba in Diaspora decided to form this Nuba Survival Foundation organisation with the following objectives in our minds:


.  To advocate for the plight of the Nuba people by drawing the attention of the international community to the predicaments of the Nuba people in the Sudan and to the humanitarian crisis in the Nuba Mountains.

. To relieve poverty, diseases and distress by providing humanitarian assistance through fund raising and soliciting financial and material support for development programmes in the Nuba Mountains;

. To promote medical health care and clean water

.  To promote opportunities in community programmes for women, children, disable and elderly people;

. To empower community in the Nuba Mountains, particularly women and disadvantage people

. To promote education, understanding and research on the cultural heritage, history of the Nuba people of Sudan;

. To advocate for social justice, equality, human rights and democracy in Sudan;

.  To act as a local and international centre for information on the Nuba of Sudan as well as a research centre on different aspects of the Nuba which will include, their history and cultural heritage


NSF is supported by friends of the Nuba from Sudan, Britain, and Holland and in other European countries. In addition, the organisation works in collaboration with Justice Africa, CAFOD and other NGOs and that has strengthened its advocacy and lobbying for the plight of the Nuba people.


NSF produces a periodical independent newsletter Nuba Vision, as an informative Journal with update information and news for the media and the non-governmental organisations.


Nuba Survival Foundation over the years has successfully carried out advocacy campaigning for the plight of the Nuba people in several counties, including United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Italy, Slovenia, US and Canada. Nuba Survival has also succeeded to deliver humanitarian assistance to the needy people in the Nuba Mountain in the two  controlled areas by  the Sudan Government and the SPLAM.


Under the name Nuba International Coordination Centre (INCS) and previously before the registration of Nuba Survival Foundation, we have been working jointly with our sister organisation, Nuba Relief Rehabilitation Development Organisation (NRDO) which is based in Nairobi, Kenya to deliver humanitarian assistance to our people in the Nuba Mountains.