Donation Appeal

The Nuba people of Sudan in South Kordufan have suffered enormously from the effects of the long war of the Sudan which has affected every sphere of life in the Nuba Mountains.  This has caused many thousands of civilian Nuba death and tenth of thousands being forcibly displaced by the government armed forces. Approximately 425,000 Nuba civilians have been displaced by the conflict. Many children are now living in caves of mountains tops for the fear of being attacked by Antinove plane.  In addition, the Nuba Mountains region was isolated and blockade of humanitarian assistance to the region for more than two decade and such blocked by the Government had led to more suffering of the people who are in desperate need of food, medical care, water supplies, education and  rehabilitation.

It is for the above humanitarian needs the Nuba Survival Foundation (NSF) was formed and registered under the UK Charity Commission in September 2001 and Registration No is: 1088398. NSF has clear vision and objectives and is committed to work and represent the interest of the Nuba people, by focusing on their plight and that by advocating and lobbying  for humanitarian assistance to promote education, health, rehabilitation and poverty reduction in the region. Among other main objectives: 1. Alleviate poverty in the Nuba Mountains through promotion of education, health and community development. 2. Empower women and disadvantage groups for their basic rights. 3. Help women, children and displaced people. 4. Support Sudanese local NGOs through capacity building programme to strengthen their work to adequately serve their constituencies. 5. Coordinate and network with local and international NGOs and human rights groups.

Your donation will make a difference

Therefore, Nuba Survival Foundation is appealing on behalf of the Nuba people for your Support and help to the suffering Nuba People who are desperately in need of your help to keep them a life, as your donation will make an enormous difference to their life.

Please make any donation you can afford to Nuba Survival, Barclays Bank and  the Account number is shown below or you can send a cheque made payable to “Nuba Survival” and posted to the Nuba Survival address below:

 Nuba Survival

Barclays Bank, UK

Account Number: 23397092

 Sort code 20-27-49



Nuba Survival Foundation

28 East Walk, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3JJ, United Kingdom


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  Displaced Children living in Cave


Displaced children Kosha and her two sisters

Can you help?

Woman has to walk from the top of the

Mountains to the plains to fetch water daily


Can You help please to make these children life better?