Nuba Survival's primary objective is to focus on the predicament of the Nuba people of Sudan.  This involves supporting the activities of local humanitarian agencies in the Nuba Mountains and educating the international media about Nuba cultural heritage.

Nuba Survival works with a network of international and local humanitarian organisations, working for alleviation of suffering and eliminating poverty among Nuba populations in Central Sudan.


  • To act as a local and international centre for information on the Nuba of Sudan;
  • To act as a research centre on different aspects of Nuba people which will include history, cultural heritage and religious beliefs and will advance education and understanding of the Nuba internationally;
  • To promote cultural and social activities of the Nuba people internationally by organising, facilitating and implementing cultural activities through individuals and group action;
  • To promote
  • To work on providing welfare and counselling support for the displaced Nuba people residing in the outskirts of Sudan and Nuba refugees living in the neighbouring African countries;

  • To work to end the humanitarian suffering of the Nuba people, and the war in the Nuba Mountains that has afflicted the Nuba for too long.

Nuba Survival produces a periodical independent newsletter, Nuba Vision, to educate the media about the Nuba culture and their predicaments.