The masses of Nuba people inside and outside Sudan are demanding justice and fair trials to those government officials of former President Omar al-Bashir’s regime who were responsible for the executions of many Nuba, whose names mentioned in this report.


The National Islamic Front Government of former President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir since it seized power in Khartoum June 1989, a motion for a genocidal campaign in the Nuba Mountains has taken place. The sole aim was to obliterate Nuba society and culture forever, paving a way for the creation of an Islamic and Arabic state. This campaign started in 1990, when Mr. Bashir’s government decided to close Nuba Mountains region and refused to give access to international NGOs to provide humanitarian aid.

On 27 April 1993 and at the Islamic conference in el-Obeid, the former Governor of Kordufan, General Hussein Abdel Karim had prescribed Fatwa (an Islamic decree) and declared Jihad (Holy War) in the Nuba Mountains, leading to an unprecedented scale of gross human rights violations.

Following this Islamic declaration, hundreds of Nuba villages were burned to the ground and thousands of Nuba were made displaced and many were executed. Amongst them were innocent women and children, the educated and community leaders. These horrific crimes were reported by several international human rights organisations and UN Reporters (names listed at the end of this report).

Doctor Gaspar Biro, the United Nations(UN) Special Raporteur for human rights in Sudan (1993-1998) in all his reports to U.N he condemned the Government of President al-Bashir for grave human rights violations committed against the Nuba people.

The following list is comprised of names of Nuba people who were detained in (1990–1993) and many have been extra-judicially executed by the government of President Omar Hassan al- Bashir.

  1. Nuba people arrested in Kadugli and detained in Dilling 1991 and were executed.
  • Abdalla Alla el Jabou (teacher)
  • Abdalla Gado Mado
  • Abdalla Kafi
  • Abdalla Khalil Kafi (member of Kadugli town council)
  • Abdel Rahim Jadalla
  • Abu Zeid Shalal Kow
  • Ahmed Badawi ( public worker in Kadugli)
  • Ahmed Suleiman (Nuba Mountains Agricultural corporation employee)
  • Ahmed Yousif Mohammed Lowa
  • Al Nel Karama ( transport agent)
  • Ballal Hamd Toutou (teacher)
  • Bereir Khalifa Bakheit  (teacher)
  • Hamdan Hassan Koury, from lagori (lawyer)
  • Hassan Koury Bagari (prison officer , father of the above)
  • Ibrahim Gadir Beck (hospital clerk)
  • Ibrahim Marmatoun (water cooperation employee)
  • Ibrahim Tia Ali
  • Ismat HassN Khair al Said from Miri (teacher at Kadugli high secondary school)
  • Issa Kannadow
  • Kamal Kano  Kafi Haloof (radio technician)
  • Mohamed Abdallah Goras (agricultural research department employee)
  • Mohamed Mekk Kuki (Kadugli public works employee)
  • Mohamed Nawar Aso (dentist)
  • Mohamed Suleiman (lawyer)
  • Mohamed Yahya Ismail (intermediate School teacher)
  • Moheielddin Tiaa Abdel Gadiir (driver)
  • Mouzamel Dabyo Zaid (textile worker)
  • Musa Ismail Abdel Gadir
  • El-Nur Ismail (teacher)
  • Osman Adam Ali (farmer)
  • Rajab Adam Mohamed
  • Ramadan Adam (teacher)
  • Saboun ( teacher at Kadugli Secondary School)
  • El- Sayed Kano (teacher)
  • Al-Sir Abdel Nabi Malik (employee of the Soil Survey Department )
  • Al-Tjani Mohamed Shukralla
  • Yousif Galdgoun from Dilling ( teacher at Kadugli High Secondary School)
  • Yousif Kamdo
  • Zakaria Mohamed ( teacher)


  1. Nuba detained in Lagowa and executed on 27 November , 1991
  • Dahya Musa Daldum
  • Adam Bakhit Yousif Abuda
  • Yousif Abuda
  • Abdallah Abuda
  • Said Kabashi
  • Abu Al-Gasim Musa
  • Ali Mohamed Ali

     9)   Omar Tiya

   10)  Shukralla Namlu

  11)  Eisa Ahmed Musa

12)Ali Homida Abu Damir

13) Abdallah Rajab somi

14) Salih Ahmed Abu Digen

15) Saboun Ahmed Saboun

16) Eisa Jank

17) Musa Taweir (from Dajo)

18) mohamed Burma (from Tubhi)

19) Omar Ali

  1. C) Nuba detained in Lagowa and transferred to el-Obeid, November 27, 1991.

1) Muhager Mohamed Tiya

2) Jebrill Abu Kowa

3) Ismail Tiya Kowa

4) Osman Azrag Madok

5) Malleem Mohamed Kafi

6) Ali Jebru Kafi

7) Ahmed Idris Tiya

  1. D) Nuba left in Lagowa prison.

1) Mohamed Bakhit Daldum

2) Suleiman Furgallah Murfaeen

3) Ardayb Murfaeen

4) Gumma El-Iheimir

5) Darallah Tiya Jeilani

6) El Haj El Nur

7) Hamkim Hamdeen

8) Haja Karshoum

9) Kalkthum Daldum


  1. E) Nuba, held without trial then transferred to prison in Suakin where they were held in isolation

1) Abdel Rahman Idris Abdel Rahman (lawyer, former commissioner of south Kordofan)

2) Mukhtar Musa Daw al-Bait

3) Ibrahiim Fadel Alla Jadallah

4) Adam Mubark Ahmed

5) Ahmed Mohamed Idris Hamad

6) Sharief Ismail Tia

7) Al-Kafi Kano al-Faki

8) Soubahi Abdel Rahman soubahi

9) Ahmed Mohamadain al-Hajj (sergeant in the technical police unit)

10) Ahmed Hamadain Ismail (sergeant in the air force)

11) Said Moryaka Wago (sergeant in the officers affairs unit)

12) Edara Abbas Youlim Agla (transport and supply army unit

13) Kowa Kafi (military corps)

14) Ali Hassan Mohammed el-Tayib (artillery unit)

15) Abbas al-Amin Rafig (special forces)

16) Nur al-Deen Osman Bahr (special forces)

17) Abdel Wahid Abdel Malik (air force)

18) Ahmed Babiker Ahmed (artillery unit)

19) Ismail Kowa (air force)

20) Hussein Musa Komi (engineering unit)

21) Michael Sholl doud (sergeant in the police force)

22) William Maryal Akot (sergeant in the republican guard)

23) Adllan Kuku Tilyat (parachute unit)

24) Osman Mohammed Ali (artillery unit)

25) Al-Fateh Hamza al-Jock (sergeant in the republican guard)

26) Azrak Yacoub (sergeant in the parachute unit)

27) Mahmoud Abdallah Adam (sergeant in the artillery unit)

28) Al-Nur Ibrahim al-doud


  1. F) Nuba who have been extra-judicially executed.

1) Hamdan Hassan Kori (lawyer, age 35, Lagori)

2) Hassan Kori (prison warden, age 65, Lagori)

3) El Sir Abdul Nabi (soil survey employer, age 32, Kadugli)

4) Yousif Jalldason (secondary school teacher, age 35, Nimang Dilling) l ba g

5) Easa Kamdo (retailer, age 33, Taymeen)

6) Mohamed Ali (clerk at Tilon School, age 40, Taymeen)

7) Mohamed Sabour (secondary school teacher, age 30, Kadugli)

8) Mohamed Abdul Nabi Gurnas (water resources department employee, age 31, Nimang Dilling)

9) El Nour Esmail (agricultural research department employee, age 41, Lima)

10) Abu Zaid Shalal (primary school teacher, age 33, Murta Kadugli)

11) Ahmed Ismail Kano (primary school teacher,m age 33, Murta Kadugli)

12) Mohamed Nuwar Asso (dentist, age 45, Kadugli)

13) Abdulla Kafi (nurse, age 55, Hajar El Muk Kadugli)

14) El Tigani Shukralla (dentist, age 46, Kadugli)

15) Mutasim Hassan Kahir El Seed (secondary school teacher, age 32, Kadugli)

16) Sayed Ahmed El Daow (accountant, age 33)

17) Mohamed Yahia (intermediate school teacher, age 28, Tagali)

18) Abdulla Khalil (clerk at provincial headquarters, age 28, Miri)

19) Rajab Adam (provincial headquarters age 26, Damba)

20) Musa Esmail Abdul Gadir (medical assistant, age 29, Kadugli)

21) Omar Ibrahim Kano (technician, age 29, Kadugli)

22) Suliman Ismail (Islamic religion teacher, age 32, Muglad)

23) El Ehaimir Kurtaila (livestock merchant, age 35, Muglad)

24) Abushur Ali (farmer, age 50, Nimang Dilling)

25) Ebrahim Basha (retailer, age 47, Muglad)

26) Kurtobair Basha (Makk tribal chief, age 70, Muglad)

27) Makina Khabar (farmer, age 80, Timatig)

28) Omar Laban (farmer, age 75, El Shawayia)

29) Barashot Koko (farmer, age 85, Kowalib)

30) Mohamed Hamad (farmer, age 24, El Shawayia)

31) Mohamed Haroni (farmer, age 21, Kartago)

32) Ismail Sultan (farmer, age 32, Taymeen)

33) Abdul Rahim Shawayia (farmer, age 70, EI Shawayia)

34) Abdulla Hamad (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 70)

35) Maki Tio (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 65)

36) Bashir Kafi (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 50)

37) Musa Kuwa (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 56)

38) Koko Alvis (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 44)

39) Mekki El Mangoh (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 60)

40) Abdul Gadir Tia (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 70)

41) Birisa Tia (Sheikh of Tulushi, age 55)

42) Asta Ahmed (farmer, age 45, El Khalgan)

43) Bashir Khalifa (farmer, age 33, El Khalgan)

44) Esmail El Daw, (farmer, age 29, El Khalgan)

45) Yousif Aboud (farmer, age 23, El Khalgan)

46) Abdulla Aboud (farmer, age 25, El Khalgan)

47) Eisa Ahmed (farmer, age 30, El Khalgan)

48) Sultan/Dahia' Musa (sultan of Kamda tribe, age 50, Kamda)

49) Omda/Salih Ahmed Abu Digin (Omda of Kamda village, age 47, Kamda)

50) Adam Idris Adam (farmer, age 40, Kamda)

51) Shukr Alia Namla (farmer, age 40, Kamda)

52) Milim Hamad (policeman, age 28, Kamda)

53) Saboun Ahmed Saboun (retired soldier, Kamda)

54) Sayed Kabashi Kuwa (farmer, age 30, Kamda)

55) Abass Gangai Fadl Alla (farmer, age 30, Kamda)

56) Adam Bakhiet (farmer, age 50, Kamda)

57) Omar El Faki Ali (businessman, age 45, Kamda)

58) Ali Mohamed Faki Ali (businessman, age 45, Kamda)

59) Mohamed Bakhiet (businessman, age 45, Kamda)

60) Eshak Mahil (businessman, age 25, Kamda)

61) Abdulla Rajab Somi (nurse, Kamda)

62) Adam Ibrahim (farmer, age 25, Kaigu El Kheil)

63) Abu Rafas (farmer, age 23, Kaigu El Kheil)

64) Ahmed El Nour Koko (primary school teacher, age 24, Kandurma Teera)

65) Sherief (health care assistant, age 24, Abu Hashim)

66) Mosa Tia (tailor, age 26, Abu Hashim)

67) Dafi Tia (Sheikh, age 35, Shatt Faro)

68) Husein Tia (farmer, age 27, Shatt Faro)

69) Othman Tia (farmer, age 22, Katsha)

70) Toto Trfan (retailer, age 32, Shat El room)

71) Harasa Mougood (farmer, age 21, Katsha)

72) Sulieman Daldum (farmer, age 45, Daloka)

73) Ali Thana (nurse, age 33, Blinga)

74) Leti (farmer, age 27, El Mogoro Taror)

75) Abred Ves (primary school teacher, age 31, Shororo)

76) Musa El Zubeir (medical assistant, age 23, Kaiga Dameek)

77) Adam Ebrahim (agricultural inspector, age 29, Kaiga Dameek)

78) El Zeiber Daoud (water resources department employee, age 27, Lagori)

79) Mohamed Abu Sitta (Sheikh of Kalimo, age 60, Kadugli)

80) Ebrahim Marmaton (central administration employee, age 35, Kadugli)

81) Jemi (employee of agricultural institute, age 26, Kadugli)

82) Eisa Kajo (education department employee, age 30, Haiban)

83) Ahmed Yousif (public works department accountant, age 30, Kadugli)

84) Ramadan Ajabna (building construction technician, age 29, Miri)

85) Abdulla Al Omda Sayed (veterinary medical assistant, age 28, Lorongo)

86) Kwal (retailer, age 30, Abyei)

87) Koko Kani (worker, age 27, El Buram)

88) Kafi Toto (shepherd, age 35, El Moro)

89) Hamid (retired soldier, age 45, Lagori)

90) Sulieman Toto Kora (shepherd, age 35, El Moro)

91) Mohamed Silk (farmer, age 23, El Moro)

92) Abdul Rahman Habila (farmer, age 23, El Khalgan)

93) Hamdaig Shio (farmer, age 23, El Khalgan)

94) Toto Armis (age 25, Katsha)

95) Sikeen (cleaner at Katsha intermediate school, age 21, Katsha)

o96) Mirghani Kafi (cleaner at Katsha intermediate school, age 25, El Kuwalib)

97) Batris Abdulla (farmer, age 23, El Kuwalib)

98) Abdulla Alla Jabu (primary school teacher, age 26, Kadugli)

99) Adbulla Jado Moro (primary school teacher, age 30, Kadugli)

100) Abdul Rahman Jadalla (employee transport department, age 32, Kadugli)

101) Ahmed El Badawi (agriculture institute employee, age 29, Miri)

102) Ahmed Sulieman (agriculture institute employee, age 32, Miri)

103) El Neil Karama (businessman, age 50, Moore El Atmour)

104) Bilal Hamid Toto (intermediate school teacher, age 23, Daloka)

105) Ebrahim Abdul Gadir (clerk in Kadugli hospital, age 25, Kadugli)

106) Ebrahim Tia Ali (age 27)

107) Kamal Kano Kafi Halouf (radio technician, age 21, Kadugli)

108) Mohamed Mekki Koko (worker, age 23, Lagori)

109) Mohamed Sulieman (age 30, Lagawa El Kamda)

110) Muhi El Deen Tia Abdul Qadir (driver, age 31, Kadugli Murta)

111) Muzamil Dyba El Zein (worker in Kadugli spinning factory, age 28, Lagawa El Kamda)

112) Othman Adam Ali (farmer, age 22)

113) Rajab Adam Mohamed (age 25)

114) Ramdan Adam Koko (clerk in Kadugli hospital, age 20, Kadugli)

115) Zakaria Hussein Kodi (primary school teacher, age 33, Haitan)

116) El Sheikh Shira (Sheikh of Taymeen tribe, age 35, Taymeen)

117) El Sheikh Gibreel Malakal (Sheikh of Taymeen tribe, age 43, Taymeen)

118) Sabahi Malakal (farmer, age 42, Taymeen)

119) Kold Famis (farmer, age 34, Fama)

120) Koko Arbaa Hamir Mudari (farmer, age 33, Fama)

121) Todwa Koko (farmer, age 29, Fama)

122) Kafi Famitrai (farmer, age 26, Fama)

123) Tia Jama (farmer, age 23, Fama)

124) DKowa Kafi (Sheikh of Fama tribe, age 39, Fama)

125) Driro Tia (farmer, age 33, Fama)

126) Famaira Kano (farmer, age 21, Fama)

127) Koko Jatrab (farmer, age 22. Fawa)

128) El Tagdum Lmir Alia Modari (farmer, age 26, Fama)

129) Tarbila Toto (farmer, age 21, Fawa)

130) Tshish Koko (farmer, age 19, Fama)

131) Mrs. Kaka Toto (housewife, age 17, Fama)

132) Hilina Kiki (housewife, age 21, Fama)

133) Tojo Koko (housewife, age 21, Fama)

134) Kaka Tiru (housewife, age 23, Fama)

135) Kaki Yelow (housewife, age 20, Fama)

136) Koko Stri (farmer, age 25, Shatt El Sifaya)

137) Rahal Tims (farmer, age 27, Shatt El Sifaya)

138) Kafi Garboya (farmer, age 26, Shatt El Sifaya)

139) Kowa El Eaisir (farmer, age 22, Shatt El Sifaya)

140) Toto Felaiga (farmer, age 25, Shatt El Sifaya)

141) El Tani Filaiga (farmer, age 25, Shatt El Sifaya)

142) Mojo Kowi (farmer, age 25, Shatt El Sifaya)

143) Mrs. Toto Boy (farmer, age 22, Shatt El Sifaya)

144) Ahmed Omar Koko (post office employee, age 29, Koba Kadugli)

145) Ahmed Shilin (tailor, age 33, Kadugli)

146) Ezz El Deen (teacher, age 25, Kuwalib)

147) Hamdeen (Sheikh of Kiringa village, age 45, Kutla)

148) Fadl Tirkawi (farmer, age 37, El Khalgan)

149) Gibriel Mansha (farmer, age 55, El Khalgan)

150) Kurtila Amon (farmer, age 65, El Khalgan)

151) Sulieman Bukhari (farmer, age 37, Bargo)

152) Esmail Ergeen (farmer, age 20, Khalfan)

153) Othman Joghan, (farmer, Khalfan)

154) Yousif Abdulla (mosque administrator, Kuwalib)

155) El Angowingasi (teacher, Kuwalib)

156) Musa Kuwar Kafi (teacher, Moro)

157) Kano El Laho (teacher, El Buram)

Nuba held in detention in the Nuba Mountains

1) Ajeeb Andou (primary school teacher, Kadugli)

2) Ahmed Sulieman Attyia (intermediate school teacher, Miri)

3) Dahia Hamdi (educational inspector, Kamda)

4) Badr El Deen Mohamed (policeman, Kadugli)

5) Abu El Gasim Khamis Ali (agricultural inspector, Kadugli)

6) Anwar Kumudan Abdul Rahim (primary school teacher, Morta Kadugli)

7) Adel Hassan Khair El Seed (post office employee, Morta Kadugli)

8 Ebrahim Balandia (soil survey research department, Kadugli)

9) Abass Kodi (storekeeper of Sudanaid, Kuwalib)

10) Nabil Klarikar (Sudanaid employee, Kuwalib)

11) Mahdi Abdul Rahim (retired government employee, Damba Kadugli)

12) El Samani Shawish (employee religious affairs department, Damba)

13) Mutasim Mirghani Kafi (secondary school teacher, Kadugli)

14) Abdalla Sulieman (mosque administrator, El Khalfan)

15) El Radi Esmail (retailer, Wali)

16) Abukar Hamad (Sheikh, Nimang Dilling)

Greed and Holy War in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

17) Bdar Khabar (farmer, Nimang)

18) Juma Sargail (farmer, Nimang)

19) Hamar Sargail (butcher, Nimang)

20) Mohamed Ali (driver, Muglad)

21) Nujum Tail (farmer, Nimang)

22) Mekki Babon (Sheikh of Kabila village, El Khalfan)

23) Ali Sultan (farmer, Taymeen)

24) Hamad Airkola (retailer, El Khalfan)

25) Shorain Baba (farmer, El Khalfan)

26) Ebrahim Daldoum (farmer, El Khalfan)

27) Hamad Abdulla (farmer and Sheikh of Jukub village, Taymeen)

28) El Jaili Kaftira (retailer, El Kuwalib)

29) Ahmed Adlan Ebrahim (clerk, Nimang)

30) El Amin El Raika Bangor (primary school teacher, Kuwalib)

31) Hussein Ali Jaafar (teacher at Dilling Institute, Kuwalib)

32) Abass Klaikar (soldier, Kuwalib)

33) El Amin El Raika (teacher, Dilling)

34) Awad Alla Ismail (teacher, Dilling)

35) Sulieman Abo El Amin (Islamic missionary department staff member, Dilling)

36) El Hamid El Dou (driver, Dilling)

37) Bixaima Mamour (tailor, Dilling)

38) Jaafar Salfor (retailer, Dilling)

39) Abass George (Sudan Airways employee, Dilling)

40) Mahdi Rahal (accountant, Dilling)

41) Hamdan Gadal (administrator, Mosaul)

42) Ebtisam Butrus (clerk, Haiban)

43) Rahila Kanda Koko (schoolmistress, Haiban)

44) Nada Yunis Sindali (student, Haiban)

45) Awatif Atron (student, Nimang)

46) Bahria Atron (student, Nimang)

47) Aida Aboud (student, Nimang)

48) Zeinab Nimir (student, Nimang)

49) Gida Khashm El Souk (housewife, Kuwalib)

50) Jumaa Abdul Gadir (clerk, Dilling)

51) Abdul Hamid Slam Darfo (clerk, Dilling)

52) Ahmed Nasir Basha (teacher, Dilling)

53) Ramadan Toto (teacher, Dilling )

54) Mosa Babur Khalifa (health care assistant, El Khalfan)

55) Jodi Kodi (priest, Haiban)

56) Yousif Kanda Kodi (clerk, Haiban)

57) Daoud Kodi Kodi (teacher, Haiban)

58) Samuel Ali (priest, El Moro)

59) Saleh Ebaic Salam (retailer, El Khalfan)

60) Saleh Takosha (farmer, El Khalfan)

61) Tawir Basha (retailer, El Khalfan)

62) Basha Fadl (farmer, Taymeen)

63) El Sheikh Abou Sheikh (Sheikh, Taymeen)

64) Yahia Mosa (farmer, Taymeen)

65) Hamid Hassan Damar (retailer, Nimang)

66) Bakri Tulushi (farmer, Tulushi)

67) William Toti (farmer, Tulushi)

68) Ali Madani (shepherd, Tulushi)

69) Abass El Yas (health inspector, Nimang)

70) Ali Jubara (farmer, Atoro)

71) Mahmoud Kodi (farmer, Kuwalib)

72) Sayed Barashot (farmer, El Shawaya)

73) Andraws (farmer, Moro)

74) Abass Nimir (workman, Nimang)

75) Siddik Nimir (shepherd, Nimang)

76) Saleh Nimir (student, Nimang)

77) Khamis Nimir (policeman, Nimang)

78) Ebrahim Wina (farmer, Nimang)

79) Aradaib Tayar Tofa (farmer, Nimang)

80) Abdulla Khalil Husein (tailor, El Khalfan)

81) Abakar Daldoum (retired, El Khalfan)

82) Hassan Akan (student, El Khalfan)

83) Jumaa Ejor (farmer, El Khalfan)

84) Abdulla Faradir Silia (farmer, Nimang)

85) Esmail El Dood (medical assistant, Kadugli)

86) Othman Jar El Nebi (retailer, Nimang)

87) Mohamed Atoz Log (worker, Nimang)

88) El Sultan Medeni (sultan of Tulushi, Tulushi)

89) Mosa Yagoub (student, El Moro)

90) Bern-ya Ibra (shepherd, El Moro)

91) Abdulla Moro (farmer, Kuwalib)

92) Khamis Mohamed Eisa (teacher, Nimang)

93) Atroun Bilma (retired soldier, Wali)

94) Ghabash Hamad (farmer, El Hadra)

95) Sheikh Mohamed (farmer, El Hadra)

96) Jumaa Murah (driver, El Khalfan)

97) Ebrahim El Kabir (driver, EI Khalfan)

98) El Nour EI Dara (farmer, El Khalfan)

99) Ebrahim Sulieman (worker, El Khalfan)

100) Abd El Seid Aman (farmer. Nimang) insa ist otsqpb om male) me

101) Ali Khamis (sultan, Kutla)

102) William El Maglis (policeman, El Moro)

103) Hamad Abdulla (retailer, Nimang)

104) Esmail Kabashi (lawyer, Haiban)

105) Jacob El Fiel (clerk in finance department, Kuwalib)

106) David Kuku (disfigured in detention) (lawyer, El Moro)

107) Kuku Famis (farmer, Fama)

108) Koya Toto (farmer, Fama)

119) Tia Kuki Mirhaga (farmer, Fama)

110) Tia Kuwa Rahal (farmer, Fama)

111) Sudani Koko (Kuwin) (farmer, Fawa)

112) Kafi Salim (his leg was broken) (farmer, Fama)

113) Koko Muri (farmer, Fama)

114) Taftish Kafi Shawal (farmer, Fama)

115) Koko Dogmas (wrestler, Fama)

116) Koko Kafi (wrestler, Fama)

117) Tomshala Kuku (farmer, Fama)

118) Kafi Dogmas (farmer, Fama)

119) Hassan Kushaib (retailer, Fama)

120) Koko Abbas (farmer, Fawa)

121) Damirgai Tia (farmer, Fama)

122) El Matwa Kuku (farmer, Fama)

123) Tia Kosirgin (farmer, Fama)

  1. G) Nuba arrested and detained in Khartoum.

1) Abdel-Rahman Idris (lawyer)

2) El-Nur Ahmed El Nur Kinda (teacher)

3) Andrea Kuku

4) El Sabahi Kuki Kafi

5) Mahani Hanu Karmiya

6) Ali Azreq

7) Ramadan Abu-Kora

8) Bakheit El-Tigani Ado

9) Adam El Mubarak

11) Abbass Kodi (Deputy Director of Medecins Sans Frontieres, el-Obeid)

12) Suleiman Atia (Assistant Commissioner for Education, el-Obeid)

13) Dhahiya Hamdi (Assistant Commissioner for the Southern Area of the Nuba Mountains)

14) Khamis Kuku

15) Ali Suleiman

16) Yacoub Abul-Banat

17) Mohamed Idris Kunna

18) Kodi Kinda                                                                    

The above human rights violations were committed with absolute impunity against the Nuba People by al-Bashir’s government and were reported by several media and International Non-Governmental Organisations which are:

 Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad/ United Kingdom

 Suleiman Rahhal   44-208 813 5831/ 07952000031


Sudan Task Force of the coalition for peace in the Horn of Africa

John Prendergast   0202-635-2757x 32 (phone)


European Working Group on the Horn of Africa

Nils Carstensen   45-33-152800


New Sudan Council of Churches

Paride Taban and Roger Schrock   254-446966


Survival International

Virginina Luling   44-71-7235535


 Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Irene khan, Peter Benenson House


Africa Rights /United Kingdom

Rakiya Omaar and ALEX de Waal, LONDON   44+171 717 1224


 Justice Africa/ United Kingdom

Alex de Waal, 44+ 171 717 1224, 11Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1EP


Human Rights Watch/ United Kingdom/USA