Many people in the Nuba Mountains have built their hopes and aspirations on Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), one of the main partners in the government of national unity. They were thrill and full of joy particularly when the SPLM took over the administration of Southern Kordufan state / Nuba Mountains, as they believe that it is going to bring development to the battered region and also bringing social services and improve the appalling condition of the battered and crippled region.

However, the SPLM Government in Southern Kordufan appears not fit for the job and is incompetent. It has failed to run day-to-day the state affairs, which created great disappointment and frustration. Many people in the region seem to have lost hope for resolving the dire problems of the region. And a huge political gap has been created as a result of this. Furthermore, the region has been deprived of development - no basic social services, including education, healthcare, water resources, communications and road infrastructures. Half of the interim period has now passed and no serious development took place in the Nuba Mountains region.

It is for these reasons the Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum is extremely concerned. It is much concerned about the appalling conditions and the general discontentment of the people in our region. In fact, the resentment had driven students of primary and secondary schools in Kadugli district to come out in a demonstration calling on the government to pay salaries to teachers, so that they can call-off their 2 months strike and go back to work. The student’s demonstrations started peacefully but it developed into violence and destruction of government properties, including ministry of finance, taxation department which were badly destroyed and also many cars were set on fire.

  1. Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum strongly condemns and denounces such act which can only lead to more violence. However, it strongly supports people which are calling for their rights through peaceful means without resorting to violence or destruction of properties.
  2. We hold the Government of National Unity in Southern Kordufan State the responsibility for its failure to bring about development, changes and improvement of the well-being of the people. It allowed the situation to deteriorate considerably which led to the recent sad events that occurred in Kadugli.
  3. We call for an independent inquiry which should be carried out without harassment, torture or harsh treatment to the students and people detained.
  4. The Government of National Unity should fulfill its duties and obligations and work to improve the appalling conditions in the region as well as improving the welfare of its people.

Long live Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum, defending the collective rights of the people of Nuba Mountains region.

Information Bureau

Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum