The Nuba Vision

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2001

Since it seized power in Khartoum the Government has embarked on policy of depopulating the Nuba Mountains region by expanding on mechanized farming projects at the expense of indigenous farmers. Many Nuba farmers in Hiban, Delemi and other productive areas in the eastern parts of the Nuba Mountains were evicted from their land and they became absentee landlords.

In recent months the Government introduced a new method of redistributing the land with  intent to depopulate the region once more. The  distribution method used is not in favour of the local people because the majority of the Nuba people can not offered even to buy food let alone to buy a peace of land. Such policy  was deliberately introduced to rob the landlords from their land. This will cause another social tension among the communities, adding to the one which already existed. 

The Southern Kordofan Commissioner, Majdhub Babiker has already announce that the land taken will be used for investments.  Only few  feddans will be distributed to a small number of families.

The Nuba Vision strongly condemn such policy and abuse of power to sell Nuba's land. All lands that were taken by force and sold must retuned to their owners. The Government should halt its programme of land distribution immediately in the Nuba Mountains.