Nuba Vision

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2001

Do you have something to say about the situation in Sudan and the Nuba Mountains?  Let your voice be heard. Write or e-mail to Nuba Survival (address at bottom of page).

Dear Sir,

Congratulation for the first issue of your newsletter "Nuba Vision". It’s marvellous that you are continuing to publish independent news on the dramatic situation in the Nuba Mountains. We are continuing to raise the issue of gross human rights violations and genocide in the Nuba Mountains to the European public.

Recently we have sent an appeal on the deliberate bombing of civilian targets to 15,000 supporters urging them to send an enclosed postcard to UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson to lobby for setting up no-fly zones in the Nuba Mountains and in Southern Sudan, and to ensure that all relief agencies will have free access to all areas of the Nuba Mountains. Now we are preparing the publication of a memorandum on the bombing of civilian targets focussing especially on the situation in the Nuba Mountains.

All the best


Society for Threatened Peoples, Africa Desk, P.O.Box. 2024, D-37010 Gottingen, Germany

Dear Sir,

With this I would like to subscribe to "Nuba Vision" and to order the book "The Right to be Nuba".

My heart and thoughts are always with the Nuba people, their suffering and their fighting. I wish you all the best for the continuation of the efforts that began with the publication of "NAFIR".

Professor. Dr Efritz Kramer

Friedhofsweg 42

D-22337 Hamburg


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the reply and I’m truly moved with your e-mail. I beyond no doubt understand the main reason behind Nuba Vision and its formation and why is it important for us to be viewed as our own rather than just be "part" of other peoples’ causes. I strongly believe that we have totally different goals and vision.

The Nuba are totally lost now. We do not know where are we and what are we fighting for. I can tell you as a young Nubawi. we have no leadership. We youngsters just feel that our leaders are always selling our struggle and misery for their own interest.

Currently we do not even have a real political party that is keen to solve our problems, SPLA will not do anything for us because I am sure they don’t love us that much, and the NDA wants nothing but to get back to the Presidential Palace in Khartoum. On the other hand the Government is happily throwing those missiles on us like it is nobody’s business.

A football player died in Khartoum few months ago, an incident which turn the whole Sudan into big mourning , and the condolences came from everybody including the leaderships of the Umma and DUP parties and yet nobody said even a single word about the bombing of Nuba children at Kauda Primary School.

NAFIR newsletter has been taken from you because you were saying what the people want you to say, and I know that Nuba Vision is here to stay and to say what the Nuba really want to say.

God bless you and God bless the Jebals (Nuba Mountains)

E.A. Salatin

Faculty of Information Technology, Multimedia University, Selangor, Malaysia.