Nuba Vision

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2001

In a meeting held on 27 November 2000 Washington DC, the Nuba residing in United States of America, representing a number of Nuba organisations in different states who decided to form one Nuba organisation. They have chosen the name Nuba Mountains International Association (NMIA) as the name for this new organisation whose objectives are:

1. To vitalise the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity of the people of Nuba Mountains region.

2. To deepen the sprit of originality and self-confidence through tradition and heritage

3. To spread awareness of preventive health and education

4. To increase the knowledge of Nuba society towards socio-cultural and political rights, through education and training courses.

5. To encourage the Nuba people internationally to fund-raise to assist the victims of war and violation, and to invest their financial projects in the Nuba Mountains region in order to develop the local resources.

6. To address the country and the international organisations which are concern with human rights and developments to visit and to investigate human rights violations.

The Executive Committee of the NMIA was formed from the following Members:

1. Mohammed Ismail elEyaseir - - Chairman

2. Akeila Shokai - Deputy Chairman

3. Amein Zakaria Ismai - General Secretary

4. Abdel-Ghani Hamid - information Officer

5. Fadalah Hamid - Deputy Secretary for Culture

6. Salwa Musa - Women Affairs

7. Ahmed Tawer - Social Affairs

8. Assad Komi Naser - Cultural Secretary

The Nuba Mountains International Association is calling upon all the Nuba people and friends residing in the USA to come and take part in the activities and future programmes of the organisation.