Nuba Vision

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2001

The Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520

Dear Colin Powell,

I am sure that you must be aware on some level what has been happening to the Nuba people in the Nuba Mountains for the past decade. I am not sure the American people are though as I wasn’t until I saw the film "Nuba - The Pure People" that premiered in June at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival in Colorado and was produced by a Slovenian man named Tomo Kriznar. After seeing these films I became committed to doing something to help them and have been at it since.That is why I am writing you especially now after what has happened in New York. These people have been suffering at the hands of the Northern Sudanese Arab/Islams in a similar manner as the Afghanistan people but even more atrociously. These films are similar in nature to the one I saw on DATELINE on Afghanistan as this man Tomo Kriznar traveled by bicycle under cover from Northern Sudan to the Nuba Mountains to film these atrocities.

These Nuba African people who were 2 million strong are now only 250,000 rebels living in the mountains fighting off the Northern Sudanese Arab/Islams who are decimating these people, putting them in concentration camps called peace camps where they rape the women and put the young men in their army to fight their own people. They have bombed, mined, killed, and have executed thousands. These people are in my opinion some of the most evolved human beings on this planet and we must not let them be killed off. We Americans can learn so much from their way of life and probably solve many of our own social problems here in this country by exemplifying their way of living. They believe in education, respect all spiritual paths and religions, they look at the effects to others and nature in all they do before they do it, they are true ecologist, they help each other and work together and honor the sacredness of every child. But most of all they laugh always and find the good in everything.

This film and his other film "Voice From The Other Side" are incredible and would be so timely to be show to the American people so I am sending copies to such programs as Dateline and 48 Hours. The Nuba people have been attacked for over 10 years now and are holding up in the mountains fighting to survive. The Sudanese government allows no outside relief agencies to come in and help and thus many starve to death. You must see these films! The American People must see these films! Please check out the website: www.nubasurvival its director Suleiman Rahhal and author of the book "The Right To Be Nuba" who is originally from the Nuba Mountains is in contact with me regularly as I am his only contact here in the USA. I plan to send a copy of these films to your office.

Please review them and take their plight in consideration in ridding the world of terrorism. PLEASE SAVE THESE PEOPLE! I am sending you a third generation copy of these films so excused the quality. I can put you in contact with the producer, Tomo Kriznar and Suleiman Rahhal, the Director of Nuba Survival. Their phone numbers are in the second e-mail copy below I received from Suleiman Rahhal.

You are truly a good man and we are blessed to have you as the Secretary of State. May be some day we will be further blessed having you as our President should you choose to assume that role. So many blessing to you and your family!


Daniel Lupinski

4473 Trombley, 35th Rd

Rock, MI. 49880