The Ru’ya Association (RA) is a non-profit Nuba women’s organisation established on 11 November 2001 by Nuba graduate women and is registered in Sudan. The organisation’s philosophy is to assist Nuba women students and graduates to progress in universities and postgraduate studies, and to empower them, by giving them training in leadership, self-motivation and socio-economic development, to build a peaceful, stable and better society. The highest body is a General Assembly, which consists of 105 members.

Its objectives are:

1.To support undergraduate and postgraduate Nuba women students in their academic studies to obtain university and higher degrees.

2.To train graduates in various aspects, which will enable them to help in community development and voluntary work.

3.To establish socio-economic and cultural changes among women graduates.

4.To carry out researches and studies in various aspects including women development in remote states and in co-operation with specialised people in education and institutions.

5.To involve women graduates in programmes and proposed plans to achieve the above mentioned objectives from 1-4.

6.To find and create development and programmes from the available resources which will produce income generation to help improving the living conditions of the graduates families.

7.To give much consideration to the productive programmes.

The Executive Committee of Ru’ya Association was formed from the following members:

1. Zeinab Mohammed Blendia-Chairperson

2. Um Gummaa’ Durman-Deputy Chairperson

3. Boutheina Zeinab-General Secretary

4. Luwisha Peter-Finance Secretary

5. Magda Kajou-Public Relations and foreign Affair Officer

6. Sakeina Hamad-Graduates and Students Affairs Officer

7. Raheila Kanda Koko-Culture Officer

8. Raja’a Ibrahim Kajou-Survive Officer

9. Mary Badawi-Training and Advice Officer

10. Mary Joseph-Assistant Officer

11. Igebal Osman-Fund-raising Officer

12. Amani Ahmed Hawat-Member

Ru’ya Association (WRA) is appealing to all Nuba in the Diaspora and to the NGOs, donors and well-wishers for support whether in the form of donations of money or material assistance such as computers, fax, office materials etc. Donations can be sent care of Nuba Survival at this Address: Suite 38, Windmill Business Centre, 2 Windmill Lane, Hanwell, Middlesex UB2 4NJ, UK. Tel./Fax no: 0208 893 5809