Nuba Survival appeals to the international community in particular the European Union and other industrial nations to be actively involved in developing the Nuba Mountains region, which has suffered severely from the war in Sudan.

The people of the Nuba Mountains now face great challenges in rebuilding their lives. All infrastructures of education, health services, water systems, community development etc. have been destroyed, they need to be rebuild. The long road from Kadugli to El-Obeid which links the Nuba Mountains to the rest of the country is no longer exists. It is thus urgent that priority should be given to this.

There are hundred of thousands of displaced Nuba all over the country, living in appalling condition in the outskirts of big cities in Northern Sudan. These people would like to return and settle in their homeland, and they will need much support and rehabilitation.

During the 17 years of the war in the mountains, Nuba people suffered severely from a lack of education at all levels. In higher education, the number of Nuba students in universities dropped significantly. This puts the Nuba at a disadvantage for posts in government, leading to their continued marginalisation.

In addition to assisting in reconstructing local education, we would like Britain and others to assist by giving scholarships and support to Nuba students to come abroad to do post-graduate studies in development and post-conflict reconstruction.