We the Parties to this Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Nuba;

RECALLING the agreement reached between our representatives during the meetings which took place in Sudan from 6th - 13th of December 2001, to immediately observe and extend the current military stand-down and to apply it to the Nuba Mountains to facilitate the negotiation of the cease-fire and the relief and rehabilitation program;

REAFFIRMING our will to negotiate an internationally monitored cease-fire agreement to cover the Nuba Mountains, supervised by a Joint Military Commission (JMC) including third-party participation;

AWARE of the vital need to establish a settlement to the conflict which has been taking place for many years and to promote peace in the Nuba Mountains;

HAVING MET at the invitation of the Government of the Swiss Confederation and the United States of America at Burgenstock, Switzerland from 13th - 19th January 2002 to agree on the terms of such a cease-fire;




The Parties agree to an internationally monitored cease-fire among all their forces in the Nuba Mountains for a renewable six (6) months with the broader objectives of promoting a just, peaceful and comprehensive settlement of the conflict.



1. The cease-fire shall involve the cessation of hostilities between the Parties in the Nuba Mountains within 72 hours of the signing of this Agreement.

2. The cease-fire shall guarantee the free movement of civilians and goods, including humanitarian assistance, throughout the Nuba Mountains.

3. Specifically, this cease-fire entails the cessation of:

a- Hostilities, military movements including reconnaissance and reinforcements, as well as hostile actions;

b- All attacks by air or land, as well as all acts of sabotage and the laying of mines;

c- Attempts to occupy new ground positions and movement of troops and resources from one location to another other than the supply of food, clothing and medical support for military forces in the filed;

d- All acts of violence against or other abuse of the civilian population, e.g., summary executions, torture, harassment, arbitrary detention and persecution of civilians on the basis of ethnic origin, religion, or political affiliations, incitement of ethnic hatred, aiming civilians, use of child soldiers, sexual violence training of terrorists, genocide and bombing of the civilian population;

e- Supply of ammunition and weaponry and other war-related stores to the field;

f- All hostile propaganda between the Parties, including defamatory, untruthful, or derogatory statements, both within and outside the country;

4. For these purposes, the Nuba Mountains means the whole Southern Kordofan and the province of Lagawa in Western Kordofan;

5. The Parties shall exercise control over all armed groups other than their own forces within their respective zones of control. They shall also promote the culture of peace and respect for civil and political rights and freedoms in those zones;

6. The Parties shall communicate the cessation of hostilities through their respective command channels as well to the civilian population by means of the print and electronic media;

7. The cessation of hostilities shall be regulated and monitored through the Joint Military Commission (JMC) in accordance with the terms of Article VII;



1. There shall be immediate disengagement of combatants in the areas where they are in direct contact.

2. The redeployment of all combatants in the Nuba Mountains to defensive positions shall be carried out in accordance with the Calendar in Annex A of this Agreement and the schedule in annex B, which may be amended by unanimous decision on the Joint Military Commission;

3. The Parties shall ensure that armed groups operating alongside their troops or on the territory under their control comply with the processes leading to the dismantling of those groups. In particular the Parties shall immediately taken all necessary measures aimed at controlling illicit trafficking of arms and the infiltration of armed groups;

4. The laying of mines of whatever type shall be prohibited;

5. The Parties shall marked and signpost any danger areas to be identified to the Joint

Military Commission;

6. The Parties shall facilitate the repair and re-opening of roads and the removal of mines throughout the area covered by this agreement;

7. The parties shall facilitate humanitarian assistance through the opening up of humanitarian corridors and creation of conditions conducive to the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance to displaced persons and other affected persons;

8. The Parties shall allow immediate and unhindered access to the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for the purpose of identifying and assuring the well- being of any person detained as a result of the conflict;

9. The Parties understand to provide accurate information concerning the cease-fire through the press and the media on a regular basis and shall not interfere with the dissemination of each other’s information;

10. The Agreement can be amended by agreement of the Parties with the concurrence of the Joint Military Commission upon notice to the countries participating in the arrangements established in this Agreement;

11. The Parties may agree to renew this Agreement for an addition six (6) month period. Not later than 30 days before the expiration of the Agreement, either Party may notify the Central JMC that it is prepared to agree to such a renewal. If both parties agree, the Agreement shall be extended for an additional six (6) month period. Thereafter, the Agreement many be further extended for additional periods by means of the same procedure