Who is related to who in and outside of the Nuba Mountains and did they come from anywhere else?

Robin Thelwall, Calgary

A Bit about myself

I first went to the Sudan to take up a post as lecturer in Phonetics in the English Dept at Khartoum University in July 1966 after two years postgraduate studies in this field at Edinburgh.

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The Nuba people’s problem is a core issue in the conflict. This paper which is prepared by the above Nuba allied political parties represent the Nuba opinion on the solution of their problem to end their prolonged suffering.

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Letter to Claire Short

Rt. Hon. Claire Short MP
Secretary for International Development
The House of Commons
London SW1A

Dear Ms Short,

Nuba Survival, the London-based human rights group campaigning for the Nuba people in central Sudan, would like to express on behalf of the Nuba in Sudan and elsewhere its sincere gratitude to the governments of the United States of America (and in particular to former senator John Danforth), of Switzerland, and of United Kingdom, for their unremitting efforts to bring about a cessation of hostilities in the Nuba Mountains.

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The aim of this article is to highlight some important features of Nuba culture and traditions with a focus on the Kujur as an important character in the Nuba society and spritual leader. He is considered to be a religious person through which Nuba know God. Kujur can be a man or a woman and the most sacred person who can bring prosperity and lift suffering from the people resulting due to natural crisis.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

Thank you for sending me a copy of Nuba Vision. I found this newsletter extremely interesting and very informative. I would definitely like to have it arrives regularly. Please find enclosed my annual subscription.

Yours faithfully

J.Gordon, 4090 Fulton St. New York, NY, 11202, USA

Dear Sir

I wish to congratulate the Nuba Survival (NS) on its effort to continue publicizing the relentless suffering of our people in Nuba Mountains through Nuba Vision newsletter, which I believe is playing a significant role, drawing the attention of the international community to our struggle to survive. This I believe will invariably put pressure to bear on Khartoum Government to halt its scorched earth policy in the Nuba Mountains and stop bombing and killing of innocent people.

My best wishes to you all and the struggle continue. God blesses you.

Yours faithfully

Halloof KuKu Tiya, Khartoum South, Sudan