We, the Alliance Political Parties of the Nuba Mountains would like to present our view on the report written by Mr. J.C. Danforth, the US special envoy for peace on 26/4/2002. In brief we say:

1. We do appreciate the commitment of U.S Government and other international organisation to achieve and monitor permanent and just peace in Sudan based on the reasons stated in the report.

2. In our first meeting with Senator Danforth in December last year when he visited Sudan, we told him that the Nuba people are with one united Sudan, if there are equality between all Sudanese in religious, racial, cultural, development and power sharing issues.

3. The problem of Sudan is not between South and North. Therefore if the southerners are given self-determination, and they go for their own country, then the Nuba people must have the right for self-determination to decide with whether to be with the North or south or they want to form their own independent state separate from the north and south.

4. The problem of the Nuba people is not only relief, rehabilitation and anti-slavery as stated, but it goes deep into inequality in development. Power sharing and threatening our cultural identity.

5. The U.S. administration must insert great pressure on GoS to accept peace agreement based on the five point s mentioned in the report.

6. Your support is needed to help internal displaced Nuba to go back home to the Nuba Mountains and stay in their villages and not in "peace camps" and start implementing economic and social development projects in the area.

Thank you for considering these points.