Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

As someone who used to live and work in Kadugli in the early eighties I am an avid reader of the Vision. I am glad to see that the forgotten persecution of the Nuba is finally being addressed after being ignored for so many years.

I was interested to read your article on Sibirs as some of my happiest memories involve the consumption of large quantities of marissa beer at various local festivals.

I am appalled that the fanatics in government in Khartoum should attempt to outlaw beer-drinking - an element crucial to both our cultures

Matthew Poe
King William IV Public House
Grosvenor Rd

Dear Sir,

I am a regular reader of your publication as I am glad to have such a useful and authorities source of information about such a little-known part of the world at my disposal.

I was hoping that you could clarify a few issues for me as the recent reports from Sudan appear somewhat contradictory.

I am a little puzzled by the apparent division between the Burgenstock Accord and the Machakos Protocol. Are the two processes really as disconnected as they appear.?

I am also concerned as to whether the breakdown in the current talks and the recent suspension of Operation Lifeline Sudan are going to jeopardise the Nuba Mountains cease-fire.

Jill Diver
Sky News