Dear Sir,

Congratulations for the great effort, which you have been contributing to the cause of freedom and dignity of the people of the Nuba Mountains. I would like to take this opportunity to give you my full support for this remarkable work.

As a reader of Nuba Vision I think it is a great and successful newsletter. And despite the limited resources the Vision has been highly successful in promoting the struggle and the plight of the Nuba people in central Sudan. The information on the peace talks which have been published for the past three months were quite useful indeed.

The latest issues of the Nuba vision showed a wonderful coverage for the latest rounds of Machakus peace talks, also about the Nuba conference in Kambala and Kauda in the SPLA/M controlled areas in the Nuba Mountains and the implications of that on the future of the Nuba. A complete picture of the views of the government in Khartoum and views of the SPLA regarding the future of the Nuba had been given. No newsletter or magazine or newspaper or any other type of media has ever been issued with such amount of focus on the Nuba current affairs. The Vision was the first to make such a breakthrough.

I have a little concern about those who wish to read the Nuba Vision but do not have access to it. I am interested in reading more about the culture, the history and the social life of the Nuba in the issues to come.

My wishes for the Nuba Vision is to continue publication, expand and never stop.

Yours sincerely,

Muawya H S Eldaw


United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

I congratulate you for the best efforts that you and the members of Nuba vision are doing to reflect the suffering of the Nuba people to the world.

Sir!  I am Haroun Izirige Tiya Kafi, from the Kufa tribe in the Nuba Mountains.  I always follow the articles that you write about the ‘K’ group dance which is known as Kambala.  Really it’s a very good topic and I like it very much therefore I would like to touch on an important thing that calls the ‘K’ group tribes to be one tribe.  The thing is: The whip that bites people from Upper Talla (Kadugli) mixing their blood with the last tribe to the far west of the Nuba Mountains known as Limma tribe is not an easy thing.   

According to my simple experience, when I was a boy, and during the rainy season I heard people talking and saying that the people of Upper Talla start the Kambala dance where people are whipped on their backs and our people here in Kufa (in Miri) get ready for their turn to come.  Usually the wipe come to us from Kusuilly (in Miri) by some one called uncle Hassan Kuwa. This uncle when he reaches the nearest village, he beats the whip on the ground three times and when people hear the beating sound they know that Fari (the whip) has arrived and they welcome him.  He leaves the next day to Kufa carrying with him the whip and as soon as he arrives people blow the horn which means tell people that the Kambala celebration has started.  The whip is then carried around from Kufa to Abu Sunoon, then to Kanga, Limma and finally carried back to Logri in eastern Kadugli to be kept at the Kujur’s house for the next season.  At last I want to know what is the secret of this whip that mixes our blood and what is it?

Yours sincerely,

Haroun Izirige Tiya ,language supervisor, Sudan