Dear Oprah and Dianne,

I am writing to ask you to PLEASE consider doing a program on the Nuba African people of Central Sudan. They are an incredibly beautiful spiritually evolved people who have been caught in the middle of a civil war between the Arab/Islamic government of the North and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) for the past 20 years.  I have enclosed some films from a Slovenia film producer, Tomo Kriznar, who I have become good friends with since I met him at the Telluride Mountain film festival 1 1/2 years ago. When I saw the films of the Nuba people and their plight I became committed to saving these people from further genocide. 

I sent letters to Colin Powell and other government officials about this situation and when I heard about Senator Danforth’s Peace Envoy initiated by the President I sent the senator copies of these films as well as many phone and e-mail messages regarding the plight of the Nuba.  On his arrival to Sudan he choose the Nuba Mountains as a 6 month cease fire test case for peace which has been so far renewed twice, however, the Sudanese government now refuses to come to further peace talks claiming that the Nuba Mountains belongs to the North and refuses to negotiate its self-determination. Senator Danforth and the US is coming to its end in helping in this peace process if the African Nation's Islamic-oriented government and the southern rebels fail to agree within six months on terms to end their two-decade-old civil war.

This government is like the Taliban and has supported slavery, prison camps, committed genocide to the degree, and wants Shari law instituted throughout the country.  My vision is to do a program on the people of Sudan’s desire for self-determination and political freedom and to specifically do a program on the Nuba people and their spiritual nature.  This may help educate people here in this country about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and about the levels of human love that are possible in our society. 

We cannot let these people be destroyed, as they are a key to our own social problems.  They are a gem to our understanding as a human race as to what can be possible.  Maybe someday they will be the center of learning and healing for all peoples of our world. I am personally a musician and shamanic healer who has a background in Biomedical Engineering. 

I was Director of Biomedical Engineering, from 1977-1989, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Lakeside VA Medical Center just down the street from your studios.  I now do shamanic healing work with 20 years of experience behind me. 

My wife and I are presently writing a very much-needed book on the subject of "Possession" from our own direct experiences in shamanic healing and ritual.  When I saw this film on the Nuba people I found people who are at the level I try to bring people to when I do shamanic healing. I have been committed ever since in helping these people. I have been asked by Suleiman Ruhhal, Director of Nuba Survival, to help organize his upcoming trip here. His website I have also enclosed some recent articles from as well as some historical articles on the peace process this past year as well as a copy of NUBA VISION, which has a song I wrote about the Nuba people (pg. 12 and track #10 on the enclosed CD) and a letter I had written to Secretary of State Colin Powell (pg. 14). Also, enclosed is a collage of pictures of Tomo Kriznar and myself in New York City during his visit to US last year.  At the center is a picture of my wife, Jenni, and I with her wearing the t-shirt "SAVE NUBA- SAVE YOURSELF". 

As I have already mentioned Suleiman Ruhhal, now living in London, is planning to come to the US to start a campaign here very soon and perhaps a program on your show may be a good starting point for him to speak to the American public. 

I look forward to hearing back soon.


Daniel Lupinski